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  Secondary Academic Notes

Middle School District Assessment #2 – should be scanned by the end of Friday, January 25th. Contact Mr. Givens if you have any questions (336-4226, ext. 35111 or

Middle School Meetings (grades 6-8) – Mr. Givens will be contacting each principal to schedule subject area meetings at school sites. (January 29 – 31)

Practice Writing Assessments (grades 3-8) should arrive at your schools by January 25th. They should be administered during the week of January 28 – February 1. Grades should be posted JPAMS by February 15.

Practice Assessments – Grades 3-8 (ELA/math) will be delivered to your schools by February 18th. They should be scored and posted in JPAMS by March 11, 2013. THIS PRACTICE TEST WILL TAKE THE PLACE OF THE LAST DISTRICT ASSESSMENT.

MOCK ACT TESTS – We will give a mock ACT test to seniors and juniors during February. The tentative date is February 8th. Please follow the same testing procedures for this Mock Test as you will for the ACT given on March 19.


(These can also be found on the last page of the appendices of the new assessment guides.)

Update on PASS Writing Prompts (NEW)

 PASS-Online practice tests with instructional feedback based on student responses. PASS tests are designed to help Louisiana students prepare for the LEAP, GEE, iLEAP, LAA2, and End-of-Course tests. PASS includes tests in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. A read-aloud (audio) function is available for some tests in English language arts and math.

The PASS System will be taken down Thursday, September 6 at 5pm to remove the current writing prompts at grade 8 and in high school, and load new prompts for grades 4 and 8 and for English II and English III. These new prompts will be available to students Friday morning, September 7.

Handscoring of the responses will commence at Pacific Metrics as students submit their responses online. 4 points for Content, 4 points for Style, 4 points for Conventions The turnaround time for students to receive their score and feedback will be two days.

Writing prompts for grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 are now being developed. They will be posted online about October 5.

Revised Comprehensive/Transitional Curriculum

What to Teach in 2012-2013

Transitional Assessments Overview

Frequently Asked Questions about Transitional Assessments -


Transitional Writing Prompts (NEW!)  -

Comparision between Current and Transitional Math Assessments (NEW!) - 

Transitional Plan for EAGLE

Frequestly Asked Questions about PARCC Assessments

Transitional Plan for PASS (NEW!!)


The LDOE is currently adding content to the PASS system to align with the state's transitional plan for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.


*New tests are being added for math in grades 3-8, and Algebra I and Geometry. These tests will only include items measuring the content common to the current grade-level expectations (GLEs) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The new tests will replace the tests currently in PASS for Grades 3-8.

* New writing prompts are being added to the English Language Arts (ELA) test in grades 3-8, and English II and English III. The prompts will be similar in form to the prompts being used on the State's transitional ELA tests. Students must use the text to support the written response.

* Four practice tests for the EOC U.S. History test have recently been added to the PASS Practice Tests.

* Practice tests for GEE will remain in place.


* (This link will be available after July 30th.)


The PASS system will close down for year-end maintenance beginning at 5 p.m. on July 13, 2012, and remain closed until the morning of July 30, 2012. When the system comes up on July 30, a new Reading Runway tutorial will be available. The tutorial activities teach writing summaries, finding multiple meanings of words, and sorting facts from opinions.

Additional Resources:

Spotlight on New York state: Common Core sample questions explain instructional shifts
The New York State Education Department has developed a teaching tool for educators in the form of a series of sample questions that demonstrate the instructional shifts in the ELA and math Common Core Standards. These samples are also a good resource to aid students and parents in understanding what the new standards will look like in the classroom.

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