Child Nutrition Program

4358 Hwy 84 West  Vidalia, Louisiana 71373

Fax:  (318) 336-5875

Phone:  (318) 336 - 4226

Supervisor - Michelle D. Bethea
Secretary/Bookkeeper - Lacey Bryan

The Child Nutrition Program in Concordia Parish serves nutritious meals each school day to students and teachers. The average daily participation is 3645 lunch meals served daily and 1933 breakfast meals served daily. The programs are federally and state regulated under the National Lunch and Breakfast Programs. The parish manages 9 cafeteria sites serving 10 schools. The Concordia Parish School Board Child Nutrition Programs employs 39 food service technicians, and 9 certified managers. It provides Federal Reimbursable Snacks during tutorial sessions throughout the school calendar year and provides Seamless Summer Waiver, feeding children at five Concordia Parish sites during the summer.

Concordia Parish School Board Wellness Plan Approved by the USDA

Parish Schools & Managers


Ferriday Lower Elementary 

P.O. Box 232 Bateman Drive 

Ferriday, LA 71334
Deborah Byrnes 

Phone:  318-757-3293

Fax: 318-757-8947


Ferriday Upper Elementary 

P.O. Drawer B-151 

Martin Luther King 

Ferriday, LA 71334

Johnnie Raymo

Phone:  318-757-3105

Fax: 318-757-1924


Ferriday Jr. High 

P.O. Box 672-201 

Martin Luther King 

Ferriday, LA 71334
Carla Washington Phone:  318-757-8695

Fax: 318-757-1751


Ferriday High School 

801 E.E. Wallace Blvd. 

Ferriday, LA 71334
Irene Collins
Phone:  318-757-8626/8627 

Fax: 318-757-0763


Monterey High School 

P.O. Box 127 

Monterey, LA 71354

Bobbie Sanders 

Phone:  318-386-2214/5106 

Fax: 318-386-7356


Ridgecrest Elementary 

200 Robert Webber Street 

Ridgecrest, LA 71334
Odessa Freeman
Phone:  318-757-2135

Fax: 318-757-


Vidalia Lower Elementary 

300 Stampley Street 

Vidalia, LA 71373
Connie Morace
Phone:  318-336-6220/6222 

Fax: 318-336-6214


Vidalia Upper Elementary 

No.1 Concordia  Ave. 

Vidalia, LA 71373
Donna Maples
Phone:  318-336-6224 / 6225 

Fax: 318-336-8922


Vidalia Jr. High 

P.O. Box 429 

Vidalia, LA 71373
Darlene Smith
Phone:  318-336-6227

Fax: 318-336-6229


Vidalia High School 

P.O. Box 609 - 

2201 Murray Dr. 

Vidalia, LA 71373
Jennie Perkins  
Phone:  318-336-623
Fax: 318-336-6233

Cafeteria Manager Training 

Training for employees who are interested in becoming cafeteria manager is offered during the school year for employees.  The employee must obtain a reference from both the child nutrition program supervisor and manager.  A high school diploma or GED and 2 years of employment with the parish school system is required.  Interested employees should contact the school manager regarding this qualifying program.


Contact Information 

If assistance is needed contact the Child Nutrition Department at the Concordia Parish School Board  Monday -  Friday  any time between the hours 7:30 and 4:00.  Phone: 318-336-4226