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  2014 School Performance Score 111.5-A

2014 Louisiana Top Gains Award

Principal: Mr. Ralph Simmons
Vice Principal: Ms. Liz Walker
Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Paula Duncan
Secretary: Mrs. Leah Humphries
Receptionist: Mrs. Cristal Adams


PO Box 127
5920 Hwy 129
Monterey, LA 71354
Phone: 318-386-2214
Fax: 318-386-7356

 Enrollment: 473

All schools in Concordia Parish are closed campuses.
For the saftey of our students and staff,
at the school office.


Dear Parents,

We have completed a wonderful week of Phase I testing.  I am happy to report that after talking with individual students that they felt extremely prepared for Phase I testing and that they were comfortable with all the material that was tested.

This has been a combined endeavor by students that have worked diligently all year, the assistance of parents and other caregivers helping our students with homework and assignments, and our dedicated staff that has high expectations of our students and delivers high quality instruction daily.  All parties involved have done an exemplary job!

Even though there is still work to do and tests to take, I know the remainder of this year will be just as successful as this week has been.  Through all of our continued efforts our students will continue to make enormous academic strides and become our leaders of the future.

Monterey High School Mission Statement:

To promote success for all.

It is the policy of the Concordia Parish School Board that no student be denied the benefits of any education program or activity on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, creed, national origin, age, or sex (e.g. marital or parental status, to include pregnancy).  All programs and activities offered by the schools within the Concordia Parish School District shall be open and participation available to all students in compliance with statutory and judicial requirements.

The Monterey High School Handbook can be downloaded below:

Please note uniform clarifications.

Students may not wear cargo pants.

The new MHS School Uniform Tee-Shirt may be worn any day of the week!

 Only the gray school hoodies that the school sold may be worn.
No other hoodie is allowed.

All shoes must have a back, no sandals.

Shirts must be tucked in.